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Fuller: Creating a Haven for Children

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Children playing at the Grand-luvu Estate Children playing at the Grand-luvu Estate

With a vision of seeing a world where everyone has access to simple, decent and affordable homes, the Millard Fuller Foundation has designed its estates such that attention is paid to our children’s upbringing.

A home environment where a child spends his or her early years has long-term effects on their physical, mental and emotional development; therefore, a safe, responsive and nurturing environment plays a vital part in supporting their learning and development.

The rising housing deficit in Nigeria has compelled low-income earners to live in unplanned settlements, which have adverse negative effects on children’s formative years. The hazards associated with living in slums and unplanned settlements for these persons are endless as the children are exposed to unsafe place for games and recreations, lack of potable drinking water, indiscriminate waste disposal and even outright physical, mental and emotional abuse.

The Millard Fuller Foundation is changing this narrative as low-income earners who are residents of the GrandLuvu Estate, developed by Fuller Housing can now raise their children in a befitting environment.

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According to Mrs. Josephine, a civil servant, who moved into the estate in 2018, seeing her children play freely without fear of being molested or abused is what gives her so much joy. “I used to live in a rented apartment in Lagos and I supervised my children when they needed to play outside. This, for me, was stressful as I had to put other activities on hold to do so. I was not comfortable in the environment where I lived, but after being transferred to this part of the country and moving into my own home in the GrandLuvu Estate, my children can now play with other children in the children playground, unsupervised by me, but under the watchful eyes of the estate’s trained security guards.

For Mrs. Damaris Dogara, moving into the GrandLuvu Estate is one of the best decisions she has ever made. “As you can see, the estate is well-planned, neat and appropriate for raising a growing child. What makes me happy always is the fact that my daughter has enough room to play around with other children.”

The Millard Fuller Foundation seeks to ensure that low-income earners have access to simple, decent and affordable housing. In partnership with Family Homes Funds, the organization has delivered over 700 homes to Nigerians thereby creating a healthy community where children can feel safe and secure.

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