Esther Oyewole, Single Mum, Teacher. Earning N15,000 ($70) (Monthly)

Esther Oyewole, Single Mum, Teacher. Earning N15,000 ($70) (Monthly)

In 2006, 43 year old Mrs Esther Oyewole, her husband and her four kids- Favor, Paul, Anointing and Blessing moved into an estate where they shared basic facilities like toilet and kitchen with 3 other neighbours. They had no privacy but managed to live there for a while however, things became worse when her husband abandoned the family in January 2013. To worsen the already bad situation, Esther was served a sack letter by the private school where she had taught for over 5 years. This hopeless situation put her on the verge of life. In addition to the already bad situation, Esther and her children were in 2014 kicked out of the ramshackle house they occupied Narrating her ordeal; “My husband and I relocated from Niger state to Abuja in 2000 and we were living together and although the money wasn’t flowing as much we managed what we had. I had a teaching job while my husband did some business. My husband walked out on me and my kids. We had no place to call our own and people could throw us out at will. I heard about the Fuller Center through a church member at the Redeemed Church.

Esther Oyewole fuller housing beneficiary in her former house


“I feel better here and I like this place (Fuller House) especially the toilet and kitchen. My children enjoy it here. I really thank the Fuller Center for helping me and my children”.


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